Friday, February 08, 2008

creating false enemies

I like what Harold Fickett has to say about The Chosen One. Why is it so hard for most of the Catholic Left to see this logic?

But here’s why I cannot vote for him. He says he believes that his
Christian faith is all about “the least of these my brothers,” extending justice
to God’s favorites, the poor. And I agree, brother, Amen. But there’s no reason
to fight for the poor, for social justice in education, for policies that
support working families and the health of communities, and for those who are
terrorized and oppressed internationally if life is not sacred. If life is not
sacred, we will end up not serving the poor—having abandoned the defenseless—but
destroying the human person. Obama’s Christianity embraces social justice, but a
social justice that’s not grounded in the primary value of life—from conception
to death—is worthless, and will, in the end, betray itself. The judges Obama
would nominate to the Supreme Court will guarantee that result, even if the
compartmentalization of Obama’s thinking keeps him from confronting this truth.
An Obama presidency would mean a succession of Ginsburgs, Souters, and
As my wife said to me, if Obama would just declare himself pro-life,
he’d sweep the country. That actually might come to pass, at least in a general
election, although he’d never receive the Democratic nomination if he even
hinted as much. But to those politicians who truly want to “unite the country,”
it’s long past time to recognize that its youngest citizens, the unborn, have
rights, too.

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