Friday, January 11, 2008

master/slave dichotomy

I had to swipe this from Carl Olsen . This is the Catholic left in a nutshell. Most of them aren't aware of just how locked in they are to a Marxist perspective on the Church and society as a whole. It's hard to "dialogue" on specifics when the structures are built on such disparate foundations.

Cardinal Ratzinger, from Salt of the Earth (Ignatius, 1997):

There is an ideology that fundamentally traces all existing institutions back to
power politics. And this ideology corrupts humanity and also destroys the
Church. Here is a very concrete example: If I see the Church only under the
aspect of power, then it follows that everyone who doesn't hold an office is
ipso facto oppressed. And then the question of, for example, women's ordination,
as an issue of power, becomes imperative, for everyone has to be able to have
power. I think that this ideology, which suspects that everywhere and always
what's at stake is basically power, destroys the feeling of solidarity not only
in the Church but also in human life as such. It also produces a totally false
point of view, as if power in the Church were an ultimate goal. As if power were
the only category for explaining the world and the communion present in it.
After all, we are not in the Church to exercise power as if we were in some kind
of association. If belonging to the Church has any meaning at all, then the
meaning can only be that it gives us eternal life, hence, real life, true life
as such. Everything else is secondary. If that isn't true, then all "power" in
the Church - which then sinks to the level of a mere association - is nothing
more than an absurd "spectacle". I think we have to escape from this theology of
power and this reduction that derives from Marxist suspicion

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