Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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Someone should try to infiltrate this cult. You don't get a capital B unless you become a member.
We've got a couple Steven Pinker books, and I'm not surprised he's a B. In his last book he actually supported Peter Singer's notion that humans are not fully human until they reach a certain capacity for reason - thereby excluding infants and the mentally retarded from the ranks of people entitled to their subjective understanding of "human rights". This should make me laugh, but it's got sci-fi horror movie written all over it.

When I was doing my thesis research I read an article in a scientific journal from the late 60's about population control and the author's argument was that progress would never occur until people's cultural attachment to a "family" unit based on monogamous heterosexual unions which treated procreation as a cultural "good" was done away with. I chuckled at the time, picturing this bald, fat Poindexter in his lab all upset that chicks didn't dig him. I also chuckled cause that periodical's circulation wasn't quite up there with "Good Housekeeping", so he had a ways to go. But as with all social engineering endeavors, it only takes an enlightened cadre with commitment, money, and political power to realize their dreams. We did, after all, forcefully sterilize thousands of "morons" in the US back in the 20's and 30's - before the Nazi's sort of took the fun out of it.
So now you got The Brights, who also want to remove people with non-materialist philosophies from posts of influence in American society. And I realize how important bible-thumping, redneck, gun-packing hillbilly morons in the south have been and will be in keeping these eggheads at bay.

I do not want these men reshaping civilization.

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