Monday, July 02, 2007

not like it isn't hard enough

For two knuckleheads from Creighton (with letters after their names and Church money in their pockets) to propose something so silly as "nuptial cohabitation" is testament to the reality that there's major pruning in order. Tired of waiting around for the dreams of the 70's to be fulfilled, and desperately irritated by the continuing existence of the CCC, they decide to completely take matters into their own hands and re-invent the sacrament of marriage.

From Omaha.

Not that this sort of crap would read any better coming from South Bend or Kuala Lumpur, but how many self-infatuated intellectuals does it take to declare a new definition of marriage from Nebraska? Only 2????? I would think you'd need at least 4 to take turns driving the long distance to anywhere interesting.

Archbshp Chaput does a real good job of destroying their ridiculous proposal.

What's especially sad about the continuing presence of knuckleheads in Catholic academia, and Diocesan chanceries, is that they do nothing but undermine the difficult journeys faced by those who try to live according to the faith.

How harmful is it for people struggling with same-sex attraction to be encouraged to give in to temptations of a destructive lifestyle by priests and nuns who don't give a rat's ass about their eternal well-being?

How much does it weaken society when morons in Catholic schools and the hierarchy give tacit approval to couples that use artificial contraception? It doesn't take a PhD to notice that women have never been more physically abused, objectified or degraded as we've seen in the contraceptive era. The perverted clerics and busybodies who saturated Catholic schools with absurd and insidious sex-ed curricula are partially responsible for the confused and over-sexed environment we live in. It's an environment where children reach maturity amid social climates that more and more resemble the sad and horrible world described by a Frontline episode a few years ago. Junior High and High School kids living like they're in a director's-cut edition of Caligula - kids losing part of their humanity as they insanely throw their bodies into a mindless fire of sexual excess. And all within the confines of modern comfortable suburbia.

What brings us to this? What brings us to a world where women and children are bought and sold as a commodity in an exploding sex trade industry? Surrender to Satan. There's no other answer that more aptly explains the tremendous exponential growth in human misery that we see all around us, and it all starts with the refusal to resist at the beginning. The will to resist Satan - to enter fully into the struggle of striving for God's grace to live a life of faith and virtue must be supported by the Church. That is the purpose of the Church! It exists to model and shepherd all Christians, and all humanity in the journey towards Jesus and our ultimate end. When the Church allows knuckleheads in Omaha to spew crap like this - crap that is so strained in its credulity and desire to be hip - it fails the people of God, and it fails the Lord Jesus Christ.

It's also pretty effin depressing.

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