Friday, July 27, 2007

first-uh lesson: must learn patience

Another gem from the USCCB email. I really love these things.

Saint Padre Pio of Pietralcina (1887-1968), Capuchin
Ep 3: 579; CE 54

To bear fruit, free from worldly anxiety

Advance with simplicity on the pathways of God, and do not worry.
Hate your defects, yes, but quietly, without excitement, nor anxiety. It is
necessary to be patient with them and to benefit from them through holy
humility. For if you lack of patience, your imperfections, instead of
disappearing, will only grow
. Because there is nothing which strengthens
our defects as much as anxiety and obsession to be rid of them. Cultivate
your vineyard together with Jesus. To you the task of removing stones and
pulling up brambles. To Jesus, that of sowing, planting, cultivating and
watering. But even in your work, it is still him who acts. Because without
Christ, you could do nothing whatsoever.

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