Thursday, March 22, 2007

YOU are to blame!

And you know who you are...

Christmas Eve Mass-goers Enable Evil Fascist Takeover

Summary: The reason there are still hate-filled, "Iron Age" Christians and Muslims out there is because of those milquetoast, lukewarm, agnostics that prop up and protect the legitimacy of whackos who really DO believe in stuff.

Either Richard Dawkins plagiarized this guy or this guy plagiarized Dawkins - but the love coming from them both is just as warm. As are the falsehoods and closed-mindedness. Not to mention the silly, self-proclaimed position as arbiter of objective truth. Considering folks like Harris really don't believe in objective truth, its ironic that they point to materialist-flavored social "sciences" like psych and econ as the firm rocks upon which they shall build. Psychology? As in Jung and Freud? Nothing mythological there...

And cosmology?? That is certainly a field where objective facts are easily quantifiable and contribute to a firm, unshakable understanding of the universe. No "faith" required for string theory - nosireeBob! And Relativity, should really be called Objectivity. And don't forget the closed-minded Christian persecutors of scientific progress. Narrow-minded rubes like Georges Lemaitre are so blinded by their religion, they lack the scientific integrity to truly understand the universe.

The sad fact is, nothing in the Catholic magisterium limits the bound of what is too be known in the material universe. Not even the early Church (or their Jewish contemporaries) took a literalist approach to scripture interp and application. Even in Paul's letters you find references to typology in relation to the Creation account as well as other events in the Old Testament. Harris and Dawkins lack all credibility when they fail to acknowledge that the Catholic approach to scripture (as well as to knowledge) preceded the various fundamentalist theologies spawned from the first Reformation. They lack all credibility when they fail to acknowledge that the materialist philosophies of Descartes, Voltaire et al were spawned from the enormous deposit of knowledge made available to them by the Church (Jesuit schools in particular). And when you get right down to it, their lives, their freedom, and their education is owed to the faith-inspired beliefs of people who resisted capitulation to the Soviet Union and its plan to over-run Western civilization with objective God-free truths. But they'll never be convinced of that since evidence for it cannot be accurately quantified or proven.

I read a take on original sin recently (and I can't remember who it was - I'm thinking either Edith Stein or B16) that said it's primarily a rejection of fatherhood. Specifically: God's Fatherhood. So in essence, all sin is a perpetual recycling of an initial tantrum against "the old man". And the ultimate need of those who wish to persist in this rebellion is to kill off God.

That was tried already.

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